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Ise Boys and Girls Choir

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Megumi Hiro

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The Ise Boys and Girls Choir was established in 1975 by the late Kazou Yagi, founder of the local firm Yagi Cardboard Co., Ltd. After ten years in abeyance, it was restarted by Yoshio Koyama, who held multiple music posts in the high schools of Mie prefecture, Megumi Hiro (Mie Prefecture Culture New Recipient Award Winner) and restarted a mixed chorus and girls chorus in the city of Ise. This relaunched choir gathers 30 children from the primary and middle schools of Ise city every Saturday, when the hearty voices of the “Ise kids” ring out.


International Youth Concert in Valletta 2018

International Youth Concert in Ise 2019

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Last update : 08 Sep. 2020