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Tokorozawa Fény Children's Choir

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Sachiko Mager

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Fény was started in 1998 and has children ages 3 through 18. Currently we have about 90 members. “Fény” means “shiny” in Hungarian. We chose this name because it represents the attitude we have when singing. We practice six times each month, for about 2 hours each time. The children are all from the Tokorozawa City area, and come from many different schools. Each year we participate in about 10 concerts. They range from small concerts at local retirement homes, to our annual end-of-year Fény concert. We sing a mix of songs, mostly Japanese, English, or Hungarian. We’ve had Hungarian, Belgian, Bulgarian, Korean, Latvian, Russian, and Polish choirs visit and have done joint concerts.


International Youth Concert with NFM

International Youth Concert in Plovdiv 2019

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Last update : 16 Nov. 2020