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Pijin Neji/neji&co.

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Pijin Neji

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Dancer/Choreographer/neji&co. Director. Born in Akita prefecture, Japan. Pijin Neji was a member of Dairakudakan, a butoh company from 2000 to 2004. He studied under Akaji Maro and danced in all of the company`s main productions while he was a member. After leaving Dairakudakan, he began his career as choreographer/dancer. With his unique physicality developed through butoh training, he approaches to his body microscopically in his solo works and treats bodies materially in choreographic piece. Recently he tries to invent a contemporary urban folk performing arts, observing a system that song and dance have developed, and picking out elements stored in individual bodies and lives. He received the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2011 Jury Prize, and his piece “the acting motivation", a self-documentary based on Neji's own experience with part-time work, won Festival/Tokyo F/T AWARD. He is a curator of Asian Arts Theater season program Our Masters Tatsumi Hjikata in Gwangju South Korea. He established company "neji&co." 2020, based in Kyoto. 2021-2023 THEATRE E9 KYOTO Associate Artist.


Umeda Tetsuya “Dresscode”/ Kai Maetani/2020

neji&co.“Sign”/ Kai Maetani/2020

Purgative Rhythm Mix/2018

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