Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Club for Regional Revitalization

Contact person :
Hiroyuki Kubota
Position :
 The "CRR(Club for Regional Revitalization) " was launched in September 2020. It all started when we saw a news report about "coronavirus discrimination", in which people were forced to leave their home town due to being infected with the coronavirus. The "CRR" was founded by students who did not want to invite such a situation to our city, and who wanted to make Tsuruga be a city that everyone could live in for a long time, and a city that would be loved by more people.  The first thing we focused on was Tsuruga's history of warmly accepting Polish orphans in the 1920s and Jewish refugees in the 1940s. Originally, Tsuruga was a gateway between Japan and other countries where many people came and went, and it had an atmosphere that was tolerant of diversity. I wanted to inherit the thoughts of the citizens of Tsuruga at that time and use them to create a city where everyone can visit and live in peace.  The year 2020 will mark the renewal of the "Tsuruga Museum", which will exhibit the history of the city. We started our activities to highlight the history of that time once again, and to have as many people as possible relive the thoughts of the people of Tsuruga who accepted refugees and orphans back then, and bring them back to the present.  As for the current activities, we are practicing every day with the aim of guiding the public and students around the "Tsuruga Museum".

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