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Fumiko Sakuraoka櫻岡史子

Contact person :
Fumiko Sakuraoka櫻岡史子

Position :
Pan flutist (Japan Pan flute Association President


Fumiko Sakuraoka Pan flute Started pan flute at the age of eight. she was fascinated by the sound of pan flute and studied pan flute playing in Romania. Participated in the Pan Flute Seminar held in Switzerland and studied. Completed the International Pan Flute Master Class held by Gheorghe Zamfir students disciples in Sibiu, Romania. Participated in a special lesson at the Bucharest State University of Music Panflute Course. Audience Award at the 14th Romanian International Music Competition. Established the Romanian Pan Flute Association of Japan, officially recognized by the Romanian Embassy, and is engaged in pan flute research and dissemination activities. Lecturer at the Institute of Ethnomusicology, Tokyo College of Music (TCM) .Lecturer at Tokyo Music university graduate school .Lecturer at Seikei University. Instructor Yomiuri Culture Ogikubo ,Ebisu. Lecturer at Thoth Conservatory Shibuya. Studied under Radu Nechifor.


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