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Tamura Koichiro

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Choreographer,Performer/ 1992, Based Yokohama,Japan. In order to start creative activities in the university, he start that setting up the individual Materially Dance Performance company [DANCE PJ REVO] in 2011. In the first performance \\\"Human and Animals Revo history of dance 2011-2014\\\" (2014) configured 11 works. It was fully booked on all stages and received high marks. After graduating, Even now, He continued his creative activities and continuously made choreographed works. Until now, the number of choreographed works with this is more than 50 works. His dance style is called \\\"minimal hardcore\\\". DANCE PJ REVO is selected as an associate company of NPO corporation DANCE BOX(Kobe). Its content supports the company\\\'s activities with a new creation for 3years from 2018 to 2020. He has also produced works in Hong Kong, Korea, Romania, France, etc. overseas, and is currently active as a writer in Japan and overseas.He was appointed a curator of a young choreographer at the dance show case of Japan\\\'s famous Dance Festival called Dance New Air 2018. Other dance style have been conducted with comedian performers [MUROTAMURA]. Keisuke Murota and Koichiro Tamura\\\'s group. They went to welfare facilities and presented comical dance. Because the activity was recognized, He taught dance to children with Down syndrome in Hong Kong. He has developed \\\"A workshop for everyone to become a choreographer[Body Museum]\\\" and held it in many places such as Japan and Korea anymore.His purpose is to connect with people all over the world via dance. Residence (June-July 2018) Residence for research and production in Korea at Seoul Dance Center x Kyoto Art Center Project. (April-June 2019) Residence for research and production in France by the invitation of the CND-Center National de la Danse. ///Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2015 Competition II young Choreographer Division Work "Vulture and Girl"Encouragement Prize///Yokohama Dance Collection 2016 Competition II young Choreographer Division Work "Zookeeper"Outstanding New Artist Prize///Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 Competition I Work "F / BRIDGE" French Embassy Prize for young choreographers & FITS Prize///SAI DANCE FESTIVAL 2021 COMPETITION Work"nostalgia" Grand Prize


3.11 Japan TOHOKU Earthquake and Tsunami. That scared us. TOHOKU town buried in rubble has been cleaned over 10years. Nostalgic memories come back. The soul at that time wanders back to here (theater), and we must accept the thoughts of that soul and live strong. We need to convey our thoughts to the present era 10years from now. Be strong more.

It is said that Japanese is overworked.
The body which got moderate tired tells us simple things that “Do one’s best for someone.”
However, when the body working too much and if it gets close to just before dearth from overwork, won\\\'t tell it and there is no meaning. What is to say, this piece focuses on \\\"Japanese Labor and Social that no one can save.\\\"

Here is Red Brick warehouse accumulated long history in Japan Yokohama. We build imaginary bridge at simply space. It’s build a bridge over across new era.

Working is way of life for someone.
Dancing is one way of life for someone too.

This motif is the sense of distance between people left behind in modern society.

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