Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Taiyoh Mori

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Taiyoh Mori
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The drawing concentrates on the relation between the materials and the author. The way in which the work is inspired and developed affects both the experience and perception of the work. My intention is to restrain the emotional, to reduce the moments in which subjectivity and suggestiveness could be manifested. I focus primarily on the process: the challenge lies in making the dynamic interdependencies and continuous passages between image and space experienceable. Reflecting site specific light and architectonical characteristics offers a potential to transcend assumed limitations between space and drawing. By confronting the drawing itself, I explore the possibilities in which to make those moments of transition visible.

Last update : 01 Jun. 2022


untitled, 2021, pencil on paper, 35 x 30 cm.

untitled, 2021, lead, glass, paper, wooden box, steel stand, 61,5 x 81,5 x H79,5 cm.

4min25s, 2020, ballpoint on Paper,
37 x 105cm.

Curriculum vitae