Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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dancer choreografer
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Yasutake Shimaji (dancer / choreographer) Be conscious of your body and movements. Focusing on the consciousness before moving and the voice before becoming words, we are seeking new expressions by moving the body from the primitive impulse and moving away from the existing style.

Last update : 01 Jun. 2022


Exploring “ARIKA” (whereabouts) ~Pursuing Dance, Music and Words
Two emerging artists in their field, former dancer of the Forsythe Company,SHIMAJI Yasutake and TAMAKI ROY who is a rapper/ musician are establishing new style of live performance to breakdown the fixed ideas of genres.
It is a journey to explore the origin of dance, rhythm and words.
Dance, music, and words, which comes in first? With the development of human beings, were those dance, music and words also generated at same timing ?
By categorizing the genres, dance and music has been developed separately. Focusing on the roots of dance and music, contemporary performance existence is reviewed.
That is how the existence of dancer, SHIMAJI Yasutake and rapper TAMAKI ROY, as well as audience who live in the contemporary age will also know where we are now.

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