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Stephen Comee

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Stephen Comee

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Noh actor, Buddhist priest (acarya), Shaman, Healer, Writer


I have lived and worked in Japan for almost 50 years, since 1974. During that time, I have studied many aspects of Japanese and Asian culture and religion. I practice both Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism, and am ordained in both. I have studied Noh (and Kyogen) since 1975 and give workshops and lecture-demonstrations on Noh and other aspects of Japanese culture around the world, including Ikebana (flower arrangement), Tea ceremony, and Incense ceremony. I am especially interested in ancient literature--including the literatures of Japan, China, Tibet, India, and even Egypt and the Viking skalds and Old English poets. (And I have studied all the languages necessary to make that possible, and have translated several pieces from all of those genres.) I have traveled extensively in Asia, especially in Bali and Thailand, as well as India and Nepal. In addition, I also write poetry, and, like my friend Tendo Taijin, I believe that poetry should be intoned out loud in a ringing voice as an offering to the gods. I also teach classes in Qigong and Taiji internationally.


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