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Marupo /Ayumi Yonemaru

Contact person :
Marupo /Ayumi Yonemaru

Position :
Senga Artist / Voice Actress


Iam a Japanese voice actress and a senga artist. I began my career as a voice actress in 2008. In 2013, I took up senga after feeling a strong urge to overcome and break a language barrier that prevents me from communicating with those who speak different languages. As it turned out, I am currently serving as a narrator for a Japanese language education program on TV as well as an artist to create senga works for the program. I love working both as a senga artist and a voice actress. I feel all my activities – I love them all, by the way – are connected to all things, from people and animals to nature and universe that surround us.




"AMABIE in the Sky"

Curriculum vitae

Last update : 29 Sep. 2021