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kazuhiro jo

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kazuhiro jo


Born in Fukushima, 1977. Ph.D. in Design. Kazuhiro Jo is a practitioner with a background in acoustics and interaction design. He has been presenting his practices in a form of works of art as at museums and festivals, as well as papers at international journals and conferences with his projects such as “The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA as a participatory music project to create a collective sound representation, “Life in the groove as a practice at the intersection of media archaeology and personal fabrication, and “phono/graph to explore the field of sound, letters, and graphics with artistic practices.


Kazuhiro Jo, Masanori Jo (1860 / 1923 / 2014-19)

A Dish:Au Clair de la Lune — For Édouard-Léon Scott and László Moholy-Nagy— / photo by Satoshi Nagano

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