Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Iwauko Murakami

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Iwauko Murakami
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Artist / Photographer
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Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Iwauko Murakami and I am a photographer based in Tokyo. In my photography, I have mainly been working with home and interior scenes, portraits, and landscapes, dealing with anonymous but empathetic memories, and personal histories. Through collaboration with local people I believe my project will be inspirational for them as well as result in a unique insight in human life and our surroundings including nature portrayed through my photographs. I am looking forward to working with you!

Last update : 22 Oct. 2023


Known Unknown

 In this project, I just asked women to show me their natural looks and acts as usual as if I was not there. In each image, she never shows her face, and she is never looking at you. The observer and the subject are absolutely disconnected.
 When historical, dominant directions between "seeing" and "being" are disrupted, we will see how we can find "hers" on the photographic surface, whose visibility and invisibility would go hand in hand addressing individuals of us today.

Untitled Origami
Liana, Latvia

 In this project, I asked someone to write down their narratives lying in their mind and memories in which animals live. I folded the animals according to each story with specific materials, a sheet of paper on which animals are described. Then, I photographed them together.
 This project provides anonymous and unknown animals with literal bodies and connects them to photographic works. It enables us to share invisible ideas.

HOME works 2011

 This project serves to consider and see what happened in my mother's house after the great earthquake on 11th March in 2011. The house was located in a city near the center of the shock. Fortunately no significant damage was left on the house; however, I had been suffering strong feelings which were hard to express.
 After two months, I tried to face that and launched the project to see continuous events and a real experience of my own with all my grief and gratitude to our life. I had looked, heard, imagined, and recorded as photographs with anxiety and relief for a year. I do not want to "make sense" of those days, but through this project, I have accepted them as they were.

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