Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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藤原ちから(Chikara Fujiwara)
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artist / co-director
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We are an artist collective founded by Chikara FUJIWARA and Minori SUMIYOSHIYAMA, based in Yokohama and working around Asian cities. Based on our experience in the performing arts, we create each project in connection with various others including local artists and communities. Our works are usually based on the theme of "human mobility" or "crossing borders". We often stay for research in a certain place for a long period, and also try to make some kind of dialogues with the audiences on our projects. See you, please check our CV!

Last update : 10 Sep. 2023


“Engeki Quest”
A flâneur-style walking project to explore a city. The participants wander the city alone, relying on the instructions written in the “Adventure Book”.
It has been created in Yokohama, Kinosaki, Manila, Düsseldorf, Ansan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Lausanne.

At the entrance to the room, which is marked with a sign saying “From now/ here, silence", participants try to have a dialogue in writing on a large paper under complete silence.
It has been held in Kyoto, Osaka, Busan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kochi (Japan), Yangon, Yogyakarta, Yokohama and Tokyo.

"Island Bar"
A performance project conflating cocktail-making and storytelling in a bar environment. Each of the artists hosts an island to serve a signature cocktail, a political concoction of island histories and realities. Audiences are invited to drink and rethink about what has made cultural and social identities.
photo: Taipei Performing Arts Center

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