Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Miroslava Ivanova / Miracle Ikebana

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Miroslava Ivanova
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I like very much to do ikebana because it is my "ikigai". This is a Japanese term that I found several years ago. It means "to do something that you love, during that time the clock is stopping to tick, and you do the best you can". In the very beginning I said I did not have enough time for ikebana, but now I'm trying to find more and more time for ikebana. What I like when I teach my students, is their smiles and happiness in the end of the lesson when they accomplish the task and make a beautiful ikebana composition, and they are so satisfied with themselves. What I like when I create beautiful compositions for displays and for a space at a hotel, restaurant or conference and events, is the people positive surprise from the natural beauty of the plants, the way how ikebana reflects on their mood and changes their perception and energy, how they become more relaxed, positive and open their mind to nature. All these reasons have been stimulating me to become better and better every day and transfer my knowledge and positive energy to the people around me.

Last update : 02 Nov. 2022


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