Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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Tathina Koinuma
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Artist, Painter
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I have had cancer and experienced the death of my younger sister at the same timing in 2004, since then I started meditation. I visited India in 2010 and participated in an art workshop. Through the workshop and staying in India, I felt my life energy revive. Since then, I have been attending meditative art therapy workshops in India every year as a staff member. Art speaks to our hearts. By hanging art on the wall in a room, I feel that the place gains power and a protective barrier can be created. Painting happens naturally, not as an act. In the progress of creation, I witness a being appears from the artwork. With such a being, I go back and forth between light and darkness, integration happens, and then the being ~informed of~ notifies the completion of the work. I would like my work to be the "guardian", "protective barrier", and "window connecting to someplace"  for him or her and deliver them to people all over the world. Also, I hope my work will help people remember their own light and that will illuminate the mother earth from their places.

Last update : 17 Oct. 2023


International Art Exhibition "New Freedom Think" in Milan, Italy, and Canary Island, Spain, March 28th to April 3rd, 2022.
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International Art Project “ MASKBOOK SPECIAL COVID19 (2020ヨコハマトリエンナーレ応援プログラム) “
This project is to express the message of environmental problems, health, and COVID-19 with art.
Title: Breathing with Flower

Did you know that there\'s a worldwide decline in the bee population?
Global warming, pesticides, the disappearance of diverse flora, and food and nesting resources are some of the causes of this decline. There\'s renewed demand for honey amongst health-conscious consumers, but if bee population decline continues, agriculture which depends on pollinating bees can have a huge economic impact. Much like honeybees who form colonies, we live in collective societies too. However COVID-19 has forced us to live in isolation while remaining in societies, and today we are all struggling to find our future together.
This mask depicts a bee leaving its nest behind, flying over land and ocean toward a flower. It symbolizes the hope that we could bring back the bees by planting more flowers on this earth, the feeling of relief when I breathe in nature, and my wish to fly to dearest to me.

©2022 Tathinart

2022. 3 Portable art “Acrylic Art Series “ start of made-to-order sales.
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