Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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椿 操
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Fiber Artist
I started out as a painter, but I now create abstract images using not canvas and pigments, but fabrics and threads in many different colors and with different tactile qualities. The stitches that I sew over this multilayered, flexible material are my “words, helping me to develop my own personal textures. I expressed the image from the natural scenery changing with our country's seasons. An exhibit I came across by accident ignited the change in how I express my art. I studied oil painting at an art university. My works were mostly abstract paintings. The New York art scene of the 1960s was often featured in art publications, and its impact was so powerful that art students like us found ourselves lost at how to express our own style of art. I traveled to New York in 1969 and happened to catch an exhibit called “Wall Hangings at MoMA. It was this exhibit that played a big role in changing my direction in art. I was struck by the powerful and sculptural spatial expression created by the very delicate fiber materials. This exhibit was produced by a curator, Mildred Constantine, and a textile designer, Jack L. Larsen, and it introduced new works by world-renowned European and American textile artists. “Fiber art was becoming established as a field in art. I studied techniques using various fiber materials. After numerous trials and errors, the material for my artistic expression started to change from paint to fabric and thread.

Last update : 30 Dec. 2021


Dancing in the Space
Fabric & Thread / Collage, Stitching

Morning Glow
Fabric & Thread / Collage, Stitching

Vibrating of Clouds
Fabric & Thread / Collage, Stitching

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