Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Ayano Yokoyama

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Ayano Yokoyama
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Choreographer / Dancer / Director
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Choreographer / Dancer / Director the dance company lal banshees Born in Nagano in 1987. Yokoyama pursues an original movement that focuses on the senses. It is characterized by unisex movements that are not bound by gender. She captures visual and auditory elements as spatial choreography. She was born and raised in a natural and indigenous climate. With the sensibility gained from that experience, she also does scenography design and drawing. In recent years, she has been actively composing dance works in collaboration with musicians. It is a simultaneous progress with the creation of the dance. She has been active in a wide range of fields both domestically and internationally, including being invited as an Asian guest to Spring forward 2022 Elefsina by Aerowaves. Her dance digs up the sensibilities of the issues we face today, and dances to the things that can't be wrapped up or overflow unintentionally. She embodies a music-focused dance that fancifully isolates mundane moments and brings them back to reality. 2021- THE SAISON FOUNDATION Saison Fellow I

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