Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

KUMADA Tomoaki

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Started playing the euphonium at the age of 10 and the trombone at the age of 12. In junior high school, A member of a brass band and orchestra club, and mainly played the trombone. In 2014, I founded “Orchestra Esthète, a group of university and graduate student musicians in the Kanto area in Japan, and in 2015, founded “Hikari Symphony Orchestra, a group of young musicians in their 20's. Currently, Be organizing “Heisei Ongakukai, a gathering of musicians born in the Heisei era, and is involved in a variety of other activities. I studied trombone with FURUSHO Takahide (Kyushu Symphony Orchestra) and SASAKI Kazuaki. And now, I am an Research Associsate at the School of Business Administration, Meiji University.

Last update : 04 Jun. 2022


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