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Kato Takumi

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Wadaiko drums player


I am a professional Japanese drummer. I have performed over 2000 times in the last 25 years. My biggest honor was to perform in front of the Emperor and Empress of Japan. I was also invited to perform for the Prime minister of Japan. I was the first Japanese drummer to do such a performance. I also have my own Studio where I teach Japanese drums to children and adults. Its my dream to perform and teach Japanese drums in the world.


I was born in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, I won the grand prize at a taiko world competition in 2008 and founded Studio Nukumorinomori. While teaching local children the importance of Japanese culture through taiko and rice planting, I have 25 years of taiko experience and have performed over 2,000 times on stage in more than 10 countries. I have performed in front of Their Majesties the Emperor, Empress, and the Crown Prince, as well as Presidents from 16 countries, in the Japanese Prime Ministers' residence. Dedication performances at Ise Jingu Shrine and Atsuta Jingu Shrine. Honorary director of the Tokiwa-za kabuki theater in Gifu Prefecture, and Hida Mino Tourism Ambassador for Gifu Prefecture since March 2022.
I will transmit to the world the good traditional culture of Japan and the sound of gratitude.

For 16 years, we plant rice with local children (making a passage along the side of the rice field, making a rice field, plowing, dedication performance, hand planting, pouring water, mowing, harvesting, hazing, threshing, toomi-hanging, hulling, milling, and harvest festival).
At the harvest festival, we eat the rice we have grown from making soil by a pot.
Through the importance of rice, they learn the importance of family, community, nature, water, air, environment, and Japanese culture.

From making rice planting, we pass on pride in ourselves, pride in our community, and gratitude to our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, and ancestors to the next generation.

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