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Bruno Hiss

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Bruno Hiss

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I'm a Sound Artist working with Voice & Body. Main interests are vocalizations, voice without words, voice and trauma, breathing, noise, and silence. Member of Brazilian netlabel Al Revés, since 2006, German netlabel Atemwerft: Vocal Arts & Adventurous Breath, since 2016, Voice and Trauma Research and Connection Group, since 2021. I was born in Brazil, grandson of Japanese Immigrants. I have been studying Aikido and Shinto since 2010. In 2011, I dedicated 44 days as an uchideshi at Aiki Jinja, located in the province of Iwama, in Ibaraki. Aikido and Shinto are a spiritual path that guides my life and inspires my artwork.


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Last update : 19 May. 2022