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Kenichi Teramoto | Office of Teramoto

Contact person :
Kenichi Teramoto | 寺本健一

Position :
Founder | Architect | Office of Teramoto


Kenichi Teramoto is a Japanese Architect based in Chiba and Founder of Office of Teramoto. ■ He acquired his masters degree at Tokyo University of Science in 2000, and gained professional experience in Rotterdam and Tokyo. ■ He moved to Dubai in 2012, and he was a Founding Partner of waiwai (formerly ibda design). ■ He founded Office of Teramoto in 2021 after moving back to Japan from the Middle East. ■ Teramoto was the Curator of the National Pavillion of the UAE for the 17th Architecture Bienalle di Venezia 2020 & 2021, Recipient of the Golden Lion Award. ■ His architectural design proficiency includes a diverse range of projects including art centers and parks, school and university campuses, mixed-use developments, private villas and mosques. 


Wetland / Image courtesy National Pavilion UAE La Biennale di Venezia. Photography by Frederico Torra for PLANE-SITE.

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