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Eri Nishibara

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Eri Nishibara

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I am currently working with MN Dance Company (Slovenia) as a member of the ensemble. I started to dance ballet with Ikuko Watanabe Studio (Japan). When I was 17 years old, moved to Europe and trained at Elmhurst School for Dance (UK). During the education performed in Greece and recoded RAD AdvanceⅡ as a video model. After graduation I worked with the National Opera and Ballet “Oleg Danovski in Romania for 2 years. After that danced at the Budapest Dance Theatre (Hungary) until 2018. During that period joined some projects with ODD Continent (Amsterdam). From 2019 started as a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. I performed self-choreographed works and one of them won 3rd prize in the NCC Competition (Netherlands). From 2021 working with MN Dance Company; part of European Capital of Culture GO! 2025 Nova Goricia - Gorizia. I really appreciate for everyone who meets and helps to let me dance. I hope I can see you some day on the stage!!


Icarus’s story creates questions: Is Icarus heroic or reckless? The opinions have always been divided. Inside us, there is a fight between the mind and the heart. Some saw the fall, but others saw the flight – it depends on the gaze. Since our childhood, we learn to follow the precise rules that contribute to our survival and the survival of the social system. We must not excel and we must not fall below the average. Icarus, however, is the embodiment of human striving to reach beyond the limits of the possible, to find new options, to venture into the unknown, to discover new dimensions. And perhaps learn something from the fall. Creative souls have no difficulty identifying with the character of Icarus, who inspires. Artists have always wanted to go into the unknown, the impossible. The dancer’s wishes are to fly, to rise up to the sun. To fly high or low? Perhaps the middle is the best choice. The myth that has inspired many artists also inspires the dance performance produced by the MN Dance Company in collaboration with the SNG Nova Gorica.

Choreographer and author of music selection
Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia

Nastja Bremec Rynia, Michal Rynia, Tjaša Bucik, Noemi Capuano, David Micu, Eri Nishibara, Matteo Palumbo, Robert Prein, So Yeon Shin, Luka Vodopivec

Fabris Šulin, Urban Kosir

Concept authors
Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Ana Kržišnik Blažica

Ana Kržišnik Blažica

Aleksander Blažica

Aljoša Kravanja

Costume designers
Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Tanja Zorn Grželj

Light designer
Matjaž Bajc, Samo Oblokar

Sound designer
Matej Čelik

Recorded voice
Ana Facchini

October 28, 2021, SNG Nova Gorica, big stage

Zavod MN Produkcija, MN Dance Company

EPK 2025, CD Ljubljana, Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije, Mestna občina Nova Gorica, Gorizia Dance Festival Visavì

Special thanks for the stage lights to Intra Lighting.

“Perpetuum Mobile”

A perpetuum mobile, a hypothetical machine that moves endlessly without energy supply, is a miracle and clearly expresses the striving of a human to researching the new, even the impossible. The production is dedicated to the 570th anniversary of the visionary, artist, architect and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who attempted to create a perpetuum mobile himself, but soon denied that it could be built. Although his genius placed him far ahead of his time, he was not able to create endless motion, but he nevertheless remained an assiduous searcher of the new and the excellent.

"We are researching the perpetuity of the movement and the infinity of new discoveries that were so dear to master da Vinci. We like to create something out of nothing – of merely our bodies."
Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia

Choreographers and Authors of Visual Image
Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec Rynia

Ana Kržišnik Blažica

Light Designer
Matjaž Bajc

Sound Designer
Matej Čelik

Props Designer
Gorazd Prinčič

Fabris Šulin, Urban Kosir

Aljoša Kravanja, Damir Ipavec

Marco Arzenton, Noemi Capuano, Rebecca Moriondo, Nastja Bremec Rynia, Michal Rynia, Dalma Kitley, Francesco Misceo, Eri Nishibara, Robbie Pitt, Helén Tamaskó, Luka Vodopivec, Karelis Zambrano

Zavod MN Produkcija, MN Dance Company

SNG Nova Gorica, CD Ljubljana

Supported by
Ministry of Culture R Slovenija and MONG


In the language of flowers , the phlox means “Harmony” and “Our souls are united”.
I like this “phlox “sound itself.
2 human are on the stage. They are looking for something what they are missing. They keep
searching because they feel alone and no one around you. Step by step, they can feel there is one
more person around you . Finally they can see and touch, and realize that you are what I was looking for.

Natsumi Hirosawa, Eri Nishibara

Costume design
Masayo Motegi

Make up
Yusuke Mori

Music Composer(4th one)

Gabriela Castro

Eri Nishibara

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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