Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Kimiko Ito

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Using things around me such as tableware and plants as motifs, I express extraordinary scenes that may be hidden in our daily lives and that we are unaware of. As focusing on familiar things, I want to create my artwork inspiring us to rediscover new aspects and charms of these things and to enjoy our daily lives. I use lithography and acrylic painting as a medium.

Last update : 26 Jul. 2023


Escape: left window / right window
Acrylic on canvas / 2023

"Our play time"
Lithography, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Panels / 2022

One day I found a pansy blooming in a crack in the road. To me, it seemed as if a flower planted in a flowerbed had sent out its seeds and chosen that spot to bloom with its own will, and I was very attracted to the sight of it.
In this work, tableware and vases used as daily necessities float freely in the sky like these flowers, and the patterns on the vessels escape from the vessels and fly around freely in the sky like living creatures.  
The backgrounds of the works are printed by lithograph, a printmaking process, and the boundaries created by pasting them together are like cracks in the road, like gaps where something lurks, and they become breaks in space and time, devices for the patterns to move around.
This work was created with the imagination of looking out of a window at an extraordinary scene hidden in everyday life.

Installation / 2021

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