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“オンライン活動資金支援プログラム #KeepgoingTOGETHER“を通して当委員会及び欧州文化首都を「初めて知った!」という皆さま、すでにご存知で日頃より当委員会の活動をご覧いただいている皆さまが知りたい「欧州文化首都に関するギモン」を大募集します!!


#欧州文化首都 #ヨーロッパ #EuropeanCapitalsofCulture #ECoC


We are seeking “Questions about European Capitals of Culture (ECoC)” from you who met us and ECoCs for the first time through “Financial Support for Online Activities #KeepgoingTOGETHER”, and who already knew us and saw our activities!!
Any questions such as “First of all, what is European Capitals of Culture?” and “Which countries are eligible to hold the event”?” are totally fine. Please send us your questions via the form below!
We will post answers and information for those questions on our FB page and Twitter (!

We will accept the questions until 21 June (Sun).
Looking forward to seeing your posts!!

#EuropeanCapitalsofCulture #ECoC