Meet Up ECoC!




Starts on 10 August! “A-hoj!”, the theatre festival organised by Puppet Theatre Puk, is about to start. The international productions will be available on-demand, and 19 groups from Japan will perform at the Puk Puppet Theatre! The performances by Japanese companies will also be streamed live on YouTube for free. So, you can enjoy it from home!

A special programme will be presented entitled “An Introduction to Contemporary Czech Puppetry: 1945-2021”, featuring Mr Jakub Hora, director of the Alfa Theatre, which has been working with Puk since Plzeň 2015, Mr Petr Holý, the first director of the CZECH CENTRE TOKYO a Kabuki researcher, and Ms Yoko Yamaguchi, a member of Puk Puppet Theatre and puppetry researcher. This program has already sold out!

Yet, you have other opportunities.
From 10-13 August, Alpha Theatre will be holding mini-workshops twice per day on the 2nd floor of a special venue in Puk Puppet Theatre.  These too are by appointment only, so please book via the A-hoj! website below!
【Special Programme】
【On-demand overseas perfromances】
【Book for the workshops】

また、8/10〜13の4日間にて、プーク人形劇場5階ではアルファ劇場のミニワークショップが毎日17:15〜 17:40〜の2回開催されます。こちらも予約制ですので、下記のA-hoj!ウェブサイトよりご予約ください!