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Piano & Dance Film “YELLOW”
Sayoko Kawano (Piano)   Misato Shimizu (Dance)
10 Jan. ~ 10 Apr. 2022 (Online Streaming)


★Message from artist★

“YELLOW” is a film which described the various faces of the colour “Yellow” with original piano music and contemporary dance.

“YELLOW” will be released online from 10th January 2022 to 10th April 2022.

What kind of impression do you have of the colour “Yellow”?
The warm and vibrant colour of rape blossoms and sunflowers.
The colour which warns you like railroad crossings or traffic lights.
Asian(=Yellow race) hate is a serious issue for us as Japanese.
In the film industry, “Yellow filter” effect, which adds a yellow filter on the scenes when they describe a poor or disputed area, is gaining attention.
In this film, we suggest a new “Yellow” by describing various faces of the colour yellow with original piano music and contemporary dance.
From “It Was All Yellow” we presented in the theatre in November 2021, we added video effects and scenes shot on the yellow locations over a year.
We recreated the work as a film in which you can experience the more yellowy world.



10 Jan. (0:00 JST) ~ 10 Apr. 2022 (23:59 JST)
*Streaming Online (YouTube – Unlisted)


1,000 JPY (approx.  9.00 USD / 7.00 GBP / 8.000 EUR) Available on the online store.
Online Store:

*For foreign customers, we recommend you to use PayPal as the system often does not accept credit cards issued outside of Japan.
You can download an online ticket which has a URL for the video streaming.

Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)


『YELLOW』ピアノ×ダンス 映像作品
河野紗代子(ピアノ) 清水美紗都 (ダンス)
2022年1月10日(月祝)~4月10日(日) オンライン公開


★Message from artist★








2022年1月10日(月祝)0:00より オンラインで映像公開



1,000円 (オンラインショップにて発売中)

​クレジットカード(VISA, MasterCard American Express,  JCB, Diners)、銀行振込、コンビニ決済、キャリア決済、PayPal、楽天ペイ​で支払い可能。




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