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Open Call for Borderless Composers!

イタリアのフリウリ・ヴェネツィア州を中心に隣接するスロヴェニアでも開催されてきたフェスティバルは、ノヴァ・ゴリツァ・ゴリツィア(スロヴェニア/GO2025)とのプロジェクト「GO! BORDERLESS OPERA LAB」をスタートし、本公募で選出された楽曲は2022年6月~7月にかけて開催されるフェスティバルでお披露目されます。年齢・国籍不問。ぜひ、ご応募ください!締切は5月23日!

The Piccolo Opera Festival in collaboration with Nova Gorica Gorizia (Slovenia/GO2025), European Capital of Culture 2025, is now holding an open call for composers!
The festival, which has been held mainly in Friuli Venezia, Italy, and also in neighbouring Slovenia, has launched the project "GO! BORDERLESS OPERA LAB" with Nova Goritsa Gorizia. The music selected in this open call will be unveiled at this year’s festival from June to July. All ages and nationalities are welcome. Check out the details and do not miss the opportunities! The deadline is 23 May.

foto: Pathos Multimedia

Deadline : 23 May. 2022 Closed

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