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これまでヴァレッタやエレフシナなど欧州文化首都でも開催されてきた、若手の芸術文化プロジェクトやフェスティバル制作者向けのセミナー「Atelier for Young Festival Managers」。次回開催地は、ニューヨーク!詳細は下記をご参照ください。

The Atelier for Young Festival Managers New York will offer the opportunity to up to 40 young festival leaders and curators from all over the word to spend 7 days together guided by experienced festival leaders, cultural activists, cross-sector experts and artists in New York. The Atelier facilitates a global conversation about today’s challenges and the role that festivals, art and culture can play in these. Please join this opportunity!

Deadline : 31 Mar. 2023 Closed

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