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Contact person :
Chihiro Tanikawa

Position :
Producer, Agent


I worked for music industry as a manager and an A&R for almost 30 years, dealt with THE BLUE HEARTS, BEAT CRUSADERS and much more bands. Now I became a manager for an animation director and a Kimono designer. Animation director : Ryo Hirano, also works as a comic writer of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"FANTASTIC WORLD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" which published in French, Spanish & Japanese, will be in English soon. Kimono designer : KISABURO, an unique talent that made a kimono for Japanese Shogi Champion, Mr. YOSHIHARU HABU, also made some kimonos for NHK\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s comic program \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"LIFE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and a famous animation \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"KImetsu No Yaiba\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". My team of creators is called FOGHORN.


FANTASTIC WORLD by Ryo Hirano, published by LEED PUBLISHING, JAPAN. Also available in French(CASTERMAN )and Spanish(HEROES DE PAPEL).

Curriculum vitae

Last update : 19 May. 2022