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Barabbas Okuyama

Contact person :
Barabbas Okuyama

Position :
Butoh dancer, Choreographer


I am Barabbas Okuyama. I am Butoh dancer and choreographer. Butoh was born in Japan. And the body thought and method of Butoh have branched out variously all over the world. On the other hand, I think that people sometime get the image of the Butoh exclusively, for example ' This is Butoh, that is not Butoh.' I am a Butoh dancer, and I am also the persent performer. Not only inheritance of the body thought of Butoh, but also I would like to place importance on the present age and the present body and the physical method or thinking I am attracted to.


TRIGGER POINT - Nature / Gyorgy Jokuti

SA SO HA RE TE / Takashi Itoh

The Constitution of Japan / Hiroyasu Daido

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Last update : 17 Nov. 2021