Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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Fumie Suzuki
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Founder / Artistic directer / Choreographer / Dancer
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86B210’s work addresses the underside and doubts of living in modern society. We address this theme through choreographed works reflecting the fight to retain our human spirit and through improvisation revealing this struggle viscerally. 86B210’s dance presents strong contrasts, in which opposed or contradictory images are married.We compose our works by laying one image on another, as in photo collage, using various kinds of music, and pursue collaborative projects with artists in other fields. Our new project \\\\\\\"Vibration Sky\\\\\\\" are about secret connect eachother. We looking forward to see you at your Featival. CONCEPT Thread, light, night, moon, point, root, dark, morning, wave
 Do you hear voice?
 Before meaning, do you feel the touch, the connection, the secure embrace?
 In your voice I awake, life rises.
 Someone dips into that stream and wets his throat.
 A joyful song echoes. Resonate. (Text:Fumie Suzuki) -If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
 Nikola Tesla It is said that the body is a microcosm.
 I, you, society, nature, the universe ― all energy systems, driven by fine electronic oscillation. This resonance maintains the balance of the world. Motion and e(motion) modulated by physics.
 And from it spring works that in turn resonate with the world. Although each living person’s body will perish, the body’s energy is never destroyed. Science echoes the thoughts of Japanese Shintoism and teachings of Yoga in telling us that all energy survives in the universe. The energy embodied in people who once lived in lost old towns continues to resonate, interacting with the energy of the living. Energy flows seamlessly across and through religions, races, even time. In this way, as energy leads to rebirth and resonance, it may give us the power to change the world, by inspiring in us the power of will to desire a truly good world. To play beautiful harmony. In these chaotic times, it is more important than ever to attend to these lost feelings, to recognize this universal resonance.

Last update : 19 May. 2022


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