Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture


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Born in Japan. She was raised in Kumamoto prefecture with a lot of books which gave her a fertile imagination. One day, she found a book “Folk tales of Ireland". She was too young to read the book, but “Ireland" sounded like a magical place for her, so she made up her mind to visit there someday. She had another secret dream which was to become an actor abroad. After she graduated with a bachelor of Performing and Visual Arts in Tokyo, she finally reached Ireland. There, she demonstrated to fold Origami paper on the street. She loves her activity as it gives her opportunities to get to know different cultures through sharing Japanese culture at the same time. She has kept doing that here and there in several countries ever since. Her first Origami workshop was held at Novi Sad, Serbia in 2019. A few years ago, she visited Ireland again to work for the film “Invisible Dearest" (2017) as an actor.

Last update : 04 Nov. 2023


Volunteer work at Sibiu in Romania (2017)/ Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS)

I love to do the things I've never dared

Origami Workshop at Novi Sad in Serbia(2019)
It was held with the cooperation of Foundation Novi Sad 2021 and EU- Japan Fest

We enjoyed folding something “Not too hard, but not too easy”

【Crane/Flapping Bird】Origami with old newspapers (2020)

Curriculum vitae