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Yamanote Jijosha

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Masahiro YASUDA

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We are an advanced theater company in Japan. Students of Waseda University mainly established the company in 1984. We are trying to seek modern performing arts through some trial on stage. We have our head office with training rooms in Ota City,Tokyo. Japanese always seek ideal beauty of strictly tightened body on the stage such as Noh and Kabuki and pronunciation with accent vowels. For contemporary arts Yamanote Jijosha has sought which style is possible for over 20 years. It’s called ‘Yojo-han’. Yamanote Jijosha is trying works of all ages and cultures such as Greek tragedy, Shakespeare and Monzaemon Chikamatsu with this style expressing people in restricted bodies. Yamanote Jijosha always trains players with unique and hard ‘Yamanote-method’ in order to play the ‘Yojo-han’ style. ‘Yamanote-method’ is highly valued by theater people and educators and they are offering to provide workshops all over the country.


The Tempest (Directed by YASUDA Masahiro)

Titus Andronicus(Directed by YASUDA Masahiro)

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Last update : 26 Mar. 2021