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EN is a trio of Japanese musicians who play various artistic tunes from Japan and Serbia. It consists of an expert of shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute), a member of award-winning orchestra KUD Gradimir in Belgrade, and the representative of "Association for promotion of music exchange between Serbia and Japan". EN plays various types of Serbian songs such as starogradska muzika, kolo and cocek. EN will also introduce Japanese songs to the people in Serbia. EN embodies cultural exchange between Serbia and Japan. Through EN's performance, people in Serbia will learn more about Japanese music and will also feel the love Japanese musicians have for Serbian music.


Merakli cocek メラクリ・チョチェック(セルビア民族音楽)Accordion & Shinobue

篠笛の大家でいらっしゃる朱鷺たたら先生と、セルビアの曲「Merakli cocek」を演奏しました。この曲は8分の9拍子の曲です。珍しい拍子に哀愁あるメロディー、そしてテンポがとても速いので情熱的に聞こえると思います。篠笛とアコーディオンのコンビネーションをお楽しみください。(2018年11月@求道会館)Played with Tatara Toki, maestoro of “shinobue”, Japanese flute of bamboo. “Merakli cocek” is a Serbian song in 9/8 time, and played fast. Sounds exotic and passionate.Svirala sam cocek sa Tatara Toki, majstrom “shinobue”, japanska flauta od bambusa. Merakli cocek: Composed by Slavko Cale MitrovicPlayed at Kyudo Kaikan, Tokyo, on 23.11.2018

Fumiko Accordion @東欧セルビア共和国さんの投稿 2019年10月14日月曜日

篠笛とヴァイオリンのトリオでセルビアのダンス曲を演奏しました。セルビアの南東に位置する街ヴラニェの民族舞踊曲です。8分の9拍子で情熱的な曲です。Played dance music from Vranje Serbia with Shinobue, japanese bamboo flute and violin.Svirala sam pesme iz Vranja sa shinobue, japanskom flautom od bambusa i violinom.

Fumiko Accordion @東欧セルビア共和国さんの投稿 2020年2月24日月曜日

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