Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Kazuhiro Yajima

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Kazuhiro Yajima
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I am an architect. I am working to expand the meaning of architecture. When you see my presentation at PechaKucha, you can understand my idea easily. Please refer to my link. I participated in several programs of European Capital of Culture such as Riga 2014, Pilsen 2015, Pafos 2017. Let you introduce a part of my concept and past works by text here ; To put it simply, the space consists of three elements, roofs, walls and floors. In these elements, I focus on the roofs. My umbrellas project came from the idea that umbrellas are the roofs. When I was in Europe in my student days, I was surprised that young couple was kissing in public space. So I wanted to make the connecting tool between public space and private behavior. When you open umbrella, the different space emerges before me and you can make your own space. I don\'t only have the interest of umbrellas. I can consider the project depends on each events.

Last update : 30 May. 2022


Umbrella Tea House, photo : Nacása & Partners Inc.

Paper Windowscape, European Capitals of Culture Riga 2014

Eight Faces, European Capitals of Culture Pafos 2017

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