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Contact person :
Yasuhito Yano

Position :
Artistic director, Producer


A bookshelf contains various texts by a variety of authors from many countries and different time periods. Since we would like to imitate such a bookshelf that represents people of all cultures - including our own - we use many different texts by different authors (from Henrik Ibsen to Roland Schimmelpfennig), and actively co-produce and collaborate with international artists so we can be conscious of the presence of “others” we would not be familiar with otherwise. Moreover, since we are aware that globalization has ironically turned every individual and culture into a mere piece of a system that is contemporary society, we give importance to each and every local culture, history, and language in order to restore the dignity of every human from every culture. We believe that theatre and its culture can provide an inclusive community to everyone, whether they are an audience or a performer.


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Last update : 03 Mar. 2020