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Theatre Company shelf

Contact person :
Yasuhito Yano

Position :
Artistic director, Producer


shelf stands for bookshelf. Theatre Company shelf is known for 1) its way of capturing the contemporary and aesthetic sense of space and time and 2) its performance style that radiates energy created by the actors silence on stage. shelfs work has received international acclaim -- For example, GHOSTS-COMPOSITION/IBSEN was invited to be part of the official programs of The International Ibsen Festival 2014. Also in November 2015, [deprived], produced in collaboration with Thai local artists in Bangkok, Thailand, was nominated for Best Script at the Bangkok Theatre Festival. Furthermore, its first China tour of its production of Hedda Gabler in 2018 visited five cities and one village (Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, and Jinan Fangyu) and participated in The Wuhan 403 New Youth Theatre Festival, The Beijing Fringe Festival, and The Jinan Fangyu ART Festival.



Written by Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translated by Sunao Otsuka
Directed by Yasuhito Yano


Premiered in December 2006
Written by Henrik Johan Ibsen
Composed and directed by Yasuhito Yano

Hanjo / Yoroboshi

Premiered in September 2010
Written by Yukio Mishima
Directed by Yasuhito Yano

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