Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Fujimoto Takayuki/Kinsei R&D

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藤本 隆行/Fujimoto Takayuki
Position :
Director/Lighting designer/Artist
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Fujimoto Takayuki (a.k.a. Kinsei), as a member of the Japanese art collective Dumb Type, was involved in stage productions, and in 2014 he established Kinsei R&D as a general incorporated association for his own activities. Since 2003, in parallel with Dumb Type activities, he has started to present stage works in his own name and exhibit artworks, mainly using LED lighting and lighting control by digital technology. His representative stage production is "true/," which he created with nine Japanese artists in 2007. This work uses digital devices such as myoelectric sensors. It uses synchronization between performers and other stage elements, especially computer-controlled LED lighting, to create an organic stage with a motif of understanding the human brain and the world. Besides, he has been actively collaborating with various artists involved in the stage in Japan and overseas. His recent participated works include - Miwa Yanagi's play "Nichirin no Tsubasa" on a mobile stage trailer, Keiichiro Shibuya's android opera "Scary Beauty," Ahn Ae Soon's (Korea) dance work "HereThere," Perfume's concert "Reframe 2019", Dumb Type's performance "2020", etc. Since 2010, at the Yamamoto Noh Theater in Osaka, he has begun trying to design lighting basic Noh performances with LEDs.

Last update : 18 May. 2022


true/本当のこと: Performance
2007 - 2011
World tour

Nord/砂漠の老人: Performance
Yokohama, Seoul, Nagoya, Hong Kong

T/IT: Regarding Intolerance: Performance

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