Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Yohei Hamada

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Yohei Hamada
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dance artist
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Yohei Hamada(b. 1987) is a Norway based dance artist from Japan, who holds BA Liberal Arts in Yokohama National University, MPhil in the Graduate School / Faculty of Urban Innovation (IUI) at the Yokohama National University(2013). Hamada seeks out a non-egoistic dance, a dance as a correspondence of de-personified body and ever-changing surroundings and works in performing arts field by referring interdisciplinary to the knowledge from mathematics, architecture, physics, anthropology, linguistics, carpentry, martial arts and dance methods as well as the wisdom of daily life. He works internationally by focusing on the Nordic and East Asia regions. Affordance and Tensegrity are the key terms in his practice. Currently, his focus is on both Norwegian and Japanese hand-working tools and on the difference of area-based body recognition in Japanese language or Eastern medicine and of part-based body recognition in English language or Anatomy.

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