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Chiharu MAMIYA

Contact person :
chiharu mamiya

Position :
Dancer / Choreographer


As a dancer / choreographer, I have been collaborating with artists from different horizons such as contemporary circus, theatre, music, and audiovisuel (Kubilaï Khan Investigations, Gilles Jobin, Nicole Seiler, Cirque Anomalie, Catherina Sagna, Jörg Müller, François Verret, Maki Morishita, Tabaimo…). Since my solo Yamima in 2011, how to relate people through artistic action is the core of my research, by giving and couter giving the creativity. I am interested in poetic expressions which take shape between fragility and plasticity of human being, especially in natural environment.


MA_CREATURE / Olivia Maurey Barisson

MELMO in NOUSTUBE (project by Jörg Müller) / Anna Kadysheva

Danse le Tambo / Delphine Lanson

Curriculum vitae

Last update : 10 Feb. 2023