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Sakura Koretsune

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Sakura Koretsune was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1986. She graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2010 (B.F.A: Painting) and completed the master's degree in Localized Design at Tohoku University of Art & Design in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Koretsune focuses on stories of whaling, fishing, and cultures/beliefs in oceans. She has been visiting both the Northern part of Japan and North America for her artistic fieldwork. Koretsunes works include embroidery, sculpture, and booklets. Koretsune continuously publishes a series of small press titled “Ordinary Whales (Vol.1 to 6 have been published as of 2020). She has presented her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. From 2021, She has been coming and going between the Tohoku region and Hokkaido of Japan with a strong interest in beached whales and local beliefs related to them.


Embroidered Stories: original image for the small press "Ordinary Whales" Vol.1: Aji Island / Ayukawahama
Medium: Embroidery on fabric

Small Press "Ordinary Whales" Vol.1 to Vol.6
2016 to 2018

Embroidered Stories: original image for the small press "Ordinary Whales" Vol.5: Eating Gods: The Karakuwa Peninsula
Medium: Embroidery on fabric, indigo dye

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