Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Noriko Mizusaki

Contact person :
Tendo Taijin
Position :
Poet. Chief of a Group, Art Performance Project La Voix des Poetes
Link :
Mr. Tendo Taijin suggested me to join the Meet Up ECoC site. I know that the poets of people who experienced the international poetry festival, the core of poetry is oral recitation, abroad. The printed poetry on paper is just the text. Poets must recite them with their voice using all of their physical bodies. To the international audiences. To the sky. To the air. To the stars. To the lakes, To forests, To the poets' hearts, with nymphs or spirits. When he invited me to his group, La Voix, an art performance group, which is now called. But, it is surely, the essential figure of poetry, from the ancient to the modern age. Poetry is an art performance, a physical performance, like Shakespeare, like ancient Greek poems, oracles and prayers. Poetry is prayer. In any religions, in any faiths. Then, sing out, vibrating your voice! Let's retrieve the essence of poetry, with us.

Last update : 17 Feb. 2022


Together with Okinawa Dancers and WCP poets in a Dancing Party in a finale. in March, 2014. Noriko in the first line at the right hand in a veil.

A Member sent to Noriko for the presentation

Noriko is happy in the love event of the UPLI/WCP in Osaka, Japan, in March 2014.
After it was finished, Noriko sent them off to the Osaka International Airport by a mini-bus, when the cherry blossoms started to open. Every one was silent. I hastily added, "no! The blossoms will never fall down, in Osaka!."

The Members photo. Belong to the president.

This is a photo taken by a member of UPLI/WCP in Osaka, in March, 2014. The central figure is Noriko, the two ladies right and left are the members who came from USA, for the Osaka Congress. They are Asian Americans, who are originally from Vietnam and Philippins.
Copyright: belong to the president. Sent to Noriko.

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