Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Miya Yoshida

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Miya Yoshida
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Curator / Academic / Cultural Practioner
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I live and work in Berlin as a curator, lecturer and cultural practioner. I have been developing theory and practice in contemporary art and aesthetics based on my artistic research. My current curatorial projects include: Listening to the Stones (Kunsthaus Dresden, 2021-22), annual exhibition project, Sharing as Caring No. 1–7 (Heidelberger Kunstverein, 2012–2018, after the butcher, Berlin 2022), Each Line Is A Crime (Archive Kabinett, Berlin, 2018), Amateurism (Heidelberger Kunstverein, 2012), Labour of Love, Revisited: Amateurism in the Age of Digital Net (Arko Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2011) and many others. My recent publications are exemplified in Listening to the Stones (Kunsthaus Dresden, 2023), Towards (Im)Measurability of Art and Life (Archive Books, Berlin 2018), Sharing as Caring No. 1–5 (Heidelberger Kunstverein, 2017) and others.

Last update : 28 Nov. 2023


Listening to the Stones (Nov.20, 2021-Mar.6, 2022, Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany) Curatorial Practice in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Dresden (Christiane M. Schwarz and Kerstin Flasche). International group exhibition on the occasion of the 160 year anniversary of Japan-Germany official relation and the 30 year anniversary of Kunsthaus Dresden. Graphic Design by Pascal Storz

Sharing as Caring no.7 (Nov.19, 2022-Jan.15, 2023, after the butcher, Berlin, Germany) A series of curatorial practice. With Vebjørg Hagene Thoe and Stephan Mörsch. Photo by Laura Fiorio

Towards (Im) Measurability of Art and Life. Publication based on my artistic research on Art and Measurement. Published by Archive Books, Berlin, 2018.

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