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The European Capital of Culture 2025 in Slovenia was just announced!

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On 18 December, it was announced that Nova Gorica will be the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Slovenia.

Nova Gorica is located in western Slovenia and faces the border with Italy. Once the city was part of Gorizia city currently belonged to Italy, however, due to the introduction of a new border between Italy and former Yugoslavia after World War II, some parts of Gorizia were ceded to Slovenia. The area was developed after 1948 and became the city of Nova Gorica (New Gorizia).

In partnership with Gorizia in Italy, Nova Gorica bade for the European Capital of Culture and delivered a variety of preparatory activities. The European Capital of Culture in 2025 is expected a lot as an opportunity to bind the two cities that were divided by the war in spite of their common culture again!



We will introduce activities in each European Capital of Culture in 2021, too. Please keep your eyes on this page!