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Theatre Company Ova9

Online Distribution of the 2nd Performance “NYOTAIMORI”

Selling term of tickets: 10:00 on 5 December (Sat) – 23:59 on 29 December (Tue) 2020 (JST)
Distribution period: 0:00 on 24 December (Thu) – 23:59 on 30 December (Wed) 2020

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Since its establishment in December 2017, the Theatre Company Ova9 has performed works by playwriters in various countries. In 2020, the company has been vigorously presenting activities online, in addition to on-site performances. Currently, a video of its 2nd performance “NYOTAIMORI” has been available online! Let’s check it out.

Message from Artist
Video distribution of “Nyotaimori” a play Quebecois, the first Japanese adaptation performed by the company Ova9 in Japanese.

Profile on Meet Up ECoC!:  (Ms. You Yamagami, a member of the company)

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Foundation Modern Puppet Center / The 10th Performance of Otome Bunraku

Date & Time: 23 January 2021 (Sat), 11:00 / 15:00 (JST)
24 January 2021 (Sun), 11:00 / 15:00 (JST)  *Door opens 30 mins before

Venue: Kawasaki International Center (

The Foundation Modern Puppet Center delivers a variety of activities including puppetry performances and workshops in Japan and abroad. The company will hold the 10th performance of Otome Bunraku in January 2021. As the term “Otome (female)” suggests, the Bunraku performance is presented by female puppet masters. This Otome Bunraku was performed at the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012 (Slovenia), Kosice 2013 (Slovakia), and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania) in 2013. Keep your eyes on the performance!

Message from Artist
Otome Bunraku was born in the late Taisho and early Showa periods. In Bunraku, a single puppet is usually manipulated by three people to delicately express emotions and gestures, but Otome Bunraku is performed by a single puppeteer, and is characterized by the ingenuity of the puppets and the way they are manipulated. This is the 10th annual performance of Otome Bunraku. This year’s commemorative performance will feature “Okuniwa Kitsunebinodan of Honchonujushiko” and “Tsubosaka Reigenki”. We look forward to seeing you at the venue!

Details of the performance:
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