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The performance work “Terra” has been performed in various forms. Next week, a new performance will take place! This performance will also be available in English at a later date. Please stay tuned!

★Message from the artists★
The performance “TERA,” which premiered at Festival/Tokyo in 2018, made a splash at the 2019 Carthage Theater Festival in Tunisia, and was recreated by Thai artists in 2020, will be reborn in March 2021 at the Zen temple Koshoji in Kyoto.
* Available language on the venue is only Japanese. At the later dates, the performance will be translated into English for streaming.

TERA in Kyoto

Date: 26-28 Mar. 2021
[Venue] Koshouji, Kyoto
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#TERASIA #テラ京都



『テラ 京都編』

会場:臨済宗 興聖寺 涅槃堂
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