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Thank you for visiting the site.
Here, we would like to add some explanation about the artist page and the search function.

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

This section is required to provide visitors to have printable material for your profile.
The number of pages is not limited but please make it in the PDF file.
Visitors can see all pages with the viewer and download it.
If you need time to prepare the proper one but register the rest of the information, you can just need to upload something different for a while and can replace it.
Please note that this site is designed for communication in English, so please upload the one in English.

How to search for the artists?

In the section “Search” you can type the keywords or the name of the artist.
Some artists have updated their profile after the launch of this site, so please also check it out the section “Hot Artist.”

Please excuse us that we have sample accounts for artists at this moment.