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Exhibition “Meanwhile” – Takashi Sonoda , Jakob Braune

Date: August 26 – October 2, 2021
Gallery Cube+(Kiel):

★Message from artist★

Invitation to exhibit at Gallery Cube+.
Two-person exhibition with Jakob Braune.

I spent about a month and a half in Kiel from early July. Jakob and I had several opportunities to meet and talk during our stay, and we were able to proceed with our work while sharing our mutual goals for this exhibition. The three new works will be exhibited in this exhibition.

Throughout my stay in Kiel, I focused on three things that were on my mind. People walking on the beach looking down (to look for fossils and amber). Seagulls watching us on the street (to steal our food), and the nature of seaweed, a beach plant.

All of them had one thing in common: they were observing their target and looking for an opening.

Summary of the exhibition by the gallerist (translated):
In life, we humans are always trying to realize ourselves. The longing for the lost and unknown drives us. We don’t stay in the moment, we keep searching. We are restless and endless in our thoughts. We sit at home and dream of distant, imaginary places. We try to reconstruct them by decorating ourselves and the things around us. In doing so, we observe each other and consider our relationship to the world and nature. If we walk on the beach, we look down at the beach and search through thousands of grains of sand; if we walk in the city, we search through the crowded streets and concrete. In the process, we are oblivious to much of what is around us. The things we pay attention to and pass by seem to have nothing to do with us. However, we do not realize that everything around us is looking for something. Creatures, nature, animals, we are all related to and dependent on each other.

Jakob Braune and Takashi Sonoda presented what they saw, heard, and felt in the port city of Kiel, using video performance, spatial installation, drawing, and various materials and methods of artistic expression.

ドイツを拠点に活動する日本人アーティスト・園田昂史氏とヤーコプ・ブラウネ氏による2人展「Meanwhile」が、ドイツ・キールのGallery Cube +にて開催中。ぜひお運びください!

園田昂史 ヤーコプ・ブラウネ 2人展「Meanwhile」

Gallery Cube+(Kiel):

Jakob Brauneとの二人展。







園田昂史/Takashi Sonoda: