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Munich-based Opera Director Ms Anna Etsuko Tsuri will hold the Online Germany Lieder Class & Masterclass in January! The workshop will focus on the many aspects of German songs including pronunciation. It will be in Japanese, but she has other classes in English too. Please also check out the details of her pages!

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The “German Lieder Workshop” by Anna Etsuko Tsuri, a member of the Bavarian State Opera, is now available online, allowing you to experience authentic lessons close up.
This is a teaching method that combines language, music history and music analysis to breathe musical life into a song, arousing the enthusiasm of the audience. The subject of the course is Schumann’s Myrthen Song Cycles, which Schumann sent to his bride, Clara. We will focus on the works from a broad perspective, including German pronunciation, German music structure, and music explanation. The class also works as a masterclass, so beginners are welcome to join.

Online Germany Lieder Class & Masterclass- Theme: Shumann’s Song Circle Myrthen

【Dates】8~10 Jan. 2022
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オンラインドイツ歌曲講習会&マスタークラス ミルテの花

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