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In May 2022, the Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA is scheduled to organize their performance tour in Europe, including this year’s European Capitals of Culture Esch (Luxembourg) and Kaunas (Lithuania). Their shadow fantasy theater works and hand shadow performances have been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.
This time, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which has hosted many displaced people from Ukraine, they have decided to hold a charity performance for Ukrainian children! Kakashiza is now challenging crowdfunding campaign for the realization of this charity performance. For more details, please visit the following web page. We hope you will support their campaign!

★KAKASHIZA crowdfunding campaign webpage★

Please check out the other dates of theri performances in Europe too!

14 May
La Nuit de la Culture @ Lycée Hubert Clément Esch (Esch, Luxembourg)

17 May
★Charity Performance★@Keistuolia Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania)

21 and 23 May
International Puppet Theatre Festival KAUNAS PUPPET22@Kaunas Puppet Theatre (Kaunas, Lithuania)

26 and 28 May
Nippon Connection Film Festival (Frankfurt, Germany)

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★かかし座 クラウドファンディングキャンペーンサイト★




国際人形劇フェスティバル KAUNAS PUPPET22@カウナス人形劇場(カウナス、リトアニア)

5月26日、28日 Nippon Connection Film Festival(フランクフルト、ドイツ)

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