Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Meet Up ECoC!European Capital of Culture

Keisuke Sugawara

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Keisuke Sugawara
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Performer, Choreographer, Director
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As an artist, the work of KEISUKE SUGAWARA is based on the landscapes that I own. It's created with my own experiences, stimuli gained abroad, delusions and the images from other arts. I like the variable brittleness and invariant strength of people, the beauty of that interval. For me, the definition of “Creation” is how I see myself / how I face my own weaknesses. Fear / Anger / Sadness / Loneliness / Desire, these statements give me the fragmental ideas and landscapes. Based on them, my work is usually full of darkness and contradiction in appearance. But all the Darkness is the Contrast to Lightness. The weaknesses of ourselves are always with us. And often we think of these weaknesses in a negative way. But it is just a state of being and a part of ourselves. I see hope and beauty in the dark, it exists as a narrow straight line like the light at the shore. An empty balance on the scale of Positive and Negative. Only Stillness and Emptiness drive people. The landscape I create is the tool that gives people the opportunity of pondering and facing themselves. ------------------------------------------------------------- The foundation of my work is the identity of myself as Japanese and how I see the world from my own perspective which developed through different experiences and encounters around the world. As works of others gave me momentum as a person to evolve, I am curious to see how my work can affect people and what it can leave in them. I am thrilled to gain new experiences and broaden my perspective through various opportunities in Europe and other parts of the world.

Last update : 15 Sep. 2021


2379 (2019)
Performance at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte in Berlin, Germany.

Direction: Keisuke Sugawara
Peroformance: Takayoshi Tsuchida and Keisuke Sugawara
Music: Tatsumi Ryusui (Live performance)

Photo by Bermd Kumar

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